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Modular form of vibration-free casting of bulk products of reinforced concrete products

Offer type: sellPublished: 18.07.2023
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Modular form of vibration-free casting of bulk products of reinforced concrete products


Modular form of vibration-free casting of bulk concrete products.


Designed for the production of prefabricated reinforced concrete box-shaped products, three-dimensional forms such as - drainage systems and large-sized tray elements.


Assembly and opening of the form are carried out manually by connecting the required number of elements according to the dimensions of the finished product with a maximum length of 7 m (depending on the completeness of the formwork delivery). The same fastening system is used to fix additional spacers to adjust the thickness of the finished product.


The lower thrust shields are installed and fixed with bolts and nuts. Then, the inner formwork is assembled from the panels according to the size of the rectangular culvert. After applying an anti-adhesive agent to facilitate stripping and laying reinforcement, a similar process of assembling the outer formwork on the bottom takes place.


The inner and outer molds are connected with bolts and wedges, each of which can be divided into two parts and removed when the mold is opened, which simplifies the process of producing several products with the same dimensions.


To block the upper part, spacer pipes with quick-release tension fasteners of the Dywidag system are used.


The upper edges of the tooling panels have sealing gaskets to prevent the flow of cement laitance. As an additional option, the formwork system can be equipped with form modules for support brackets for slabs or for retaining flanges for fixing the soil above the box culverts. In addition, the tooling can be converted to produce rectangular culverts and trough elements with tongue and groove to mate with each other.