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Telescopic radial conveyor belt, Radial stacker 45 meters

Offer type: sellPublished: 06.07.2023
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Telescopic radial conveyor belt, Radial stacker 45 meters The conveyor belt mechanism is a system that minimizes labor costs when moving products from one place to another. Conveyor conveyor belts are a very important vehicle used to transport materials over long distances horizontally or obliquely and on moving belts. If tons of material must be moved from one area to another in a short time, the use of a conveyor belt transport system is inevitable. Conveyor systems are used in many areas, from industry to airports, as well as in processes such as transporting materials from one place to another, unloading, storing or removing them from a warehouse. For this reason, today in mines, metallurgical plants, thermal power plants, ore, coal, lime, agglomeration, etc., belt conveyors are the main conveyor system when moving materials. With these conveyors, both dry and wet materials can be transported, as well as fine granular materials such as ash, flour, sand, and granular materials such as agricultural products. It is also possible to transport composite materials such as coal or stone. Where an inclined transport system so requires, the slope shall not exceed 20 degrees. Conventional conveyor systems operate at temperatures ranging from -20 to 125 degrees. However, when using specially designed tapes, the temperature that the tape can withstand can be increased up to 170 degrees. The transport distance of conveyors is from one meter to 1000 m. The width of the strip can be from 300 mm to 3000 mm. Transportation over longer distances is also possible. However, this requires special solutions. Today there are specially designed belt systems with a length of about 100 km. Conveyor belt systems using two rotating drums can be made up of a variety of hooks, gears, buckets and rubber bands depending on the desired length. Conveyor systems are made both mobile and stationary in accordance with the needs of enterprises. The mobile conveyor system is mounted on a wheeled chassis and can be easily transported to the desired location. In addition, they have an adjustable mechanism depending on the slope of the ground of the place where they will be installed. When crushing, sorting, loading and unloading ships, conveyor belts can be made of radial type, depending on the location of the facility, terrain conditions and customer requirements. The radial undercarriage is mounted on a circular hinge capable of turning 270 degrees from the tail module to the ground. High strength steel structure legs designed to carry the weight of the modules and drive drum are connected to the electric motor by a chain drive. These wheels are specially selected for safe driving on rough terrain. The gearbox is driven by a dual motor and chain/gear. The center of rotation is the fixed axis in the tail module. It can be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise to the desired angle. In addition, the inclination and height can be adjusted thanks to the hydraulic piston located next to the drive module. By changing the inclination and side angle of the radial conveyor, the material is also mixed during storage, so that a more homogenized material can be obtained. Radial conveyor with 270-degree lateral movement allows for a wider stacking area Specially designed tires for rough terrain High quality durable chain gear motor and drive system 270 degree kidney movement and height adjustment from 0 to 10 meters. Possibility of mobile or fixed chassis Possibility of fully autonomous operation with a diesel generator Programming with PLC and SCADA There is a cleaning scraper to remove residual material transferred from the belt bar, covering Mechanical brake connected to the drive drum to prevent the material on the belt from slipping backwards. For an abrupt stop in emergency situations, there is a cable switch along the track. Dust emission is prevented by a hinged lid that can be easily opened and closed.