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Industrial solid fuel boilers in Ukraine

Offer type: salePublished: 18.07.2019
Company:Kompaniya "John Greaves Energy"
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Berdyans'k

The use of boilers for solid fuel, allows objects to exist independently without being connected to the city gas network. Similar equipment is required for resorts, apartment buildings, a variety of workshops and other commercial facilities. View the catalog and buy industrial boilers for solid fuels of high power here:

Buy industrial solid fuel boiler – the benefits

All models of equipment from the manufacturer company John greaves. They are very thick and specially designed facilities, where required Parking spaces in several hundred or thousand meters. These products have several advantages that you should describe more:

  • Models run on natural fuel. As a rule, use special pellets, made on the basis of sawdust and other products processing of wood. Therefore, the boiler is environmentally friendly. Due to the purity of fuel products do not need to frequently be cleaned of soot, fumes;
  • These products are designed so that the probability of fire is completely excluded. Models withstand high temperatures without destruction of the body and violation of its integrity;
  • Solid fuel boilers are characterized by the model efficiency. For example, the use as fuel of the above pellets or coal, will reduce the cost of heating an object in 3 times in comparison with the use of gas heating. Accordingly, the enterprise, the object of communal areas or the residential complex will have lower costs;
  • Efficiency in the application of this equipment is able to achieve 83 %, which corresponds to the gas models.

In each case. the customer requires a boiler of some power. It is calculated on the basis of performance of the heated floor space and ceiling height specialists. On the basis of calculations will be an optimal model of the product.

Industrial boilers for solid fuels, price

Presented products are from the manufacturer. Accordingly, the cost does not include unnecessary markups of intermediaries. Therefore, buyers get a straight honest prices. In addition, the cost of goods is fixed and is set by the provider. Therefore, it can not be changed arbitrarily, and customers can accurately plan your expenses.