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Seeds of winter rape under urolith – Blackstone

Offer type: salePublished: 06.02.2020
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Seeds of winter rape under urolith – Blackstone

Hybrid has high drought tolerance and resistance to damage by pollen beetle. Early maturing (V. p. 295-300 days.)

The mass of 1000 seeds - 4.5 to 4.7 g.

Oil content - 46,4 %

Plant height – 172 cm

The contents glucosinolates and 0.3 %

The contents erucic acid 0,0-0,2 %

Yield potential - 72 q/ha

The average yield for the test - 40-46 kg/ha

Disease resistance high (fAmos, harable leg, parenasportwithkeratins, andlernarot, bactors). The hybrid is resistant to various stress factors to lodging, drought, shedding, temperature fluctuations (8,5 -9 b. out of 10 points).

The recommended intake sowingof 1.0-1.1 million seeds/hain the area of steppe and forest-steppe.

Also stock remedies and fertilizers that are required for this culture.

The availability and price is given on the day of purchase. The final price depends on the amount of order.

Buy chemicals and fertilizer along with the seeds and we will pay delivery of the goods.