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The densimeter of the PEC from 0,700 1,000

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Seller:Ivan Valer'evich
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The densimeter, the hydrometer, an instrument for determining the density of liquids. The densimeter is a glass float constant mass and volume, extended (bottom) part of which is filled with ballast — clean and dry metal shot, covered with a layer of resin with a melting point of not lower than 80°C. Due to the ballast during measurements, the densimeter is in the upright position. Refined in the upper part of the float is placed a scale graduated in units of density. The use of the densimeter to determine the relative density of liquids based on the Archimedes ' principle, therefore the upper division of the scale correspond to the lowest and lower the highest density. When conducting measurements it is not allowed to touch the densimeter of the walls and bottom of the vessel with the investigated product and the formation on the surface of the densimeter of gas bubbles. The readout at the bottom of the meniscus of the liquid. In the wine and canning industries apply sets of standard General purpose densimetric not lower than 2nd accuracy class, graduated to measure relative density at 20°C with a measuring range respectively from 0,700 to 1,000.

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