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valve CPC-220-1,6

Offer type: salePublished: 21.10.2019
Company:Torgovyij Dom 'KMZ'
Seller:Torgovyij Dom 'KMZ' Kristina Aleksandrovna
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Address:Mykolayivs'ka Oblast', Mykolayiv, Ukraine

In case of discrepancy of landing valve sizes CTC and nest the compressor cylinder valves are installed in the slots of the cylinder by intermediate rings. In the case of the installation of CTC in the mounts valves type PEAK-AND - it is recommended to eat through the socket of the cylinder to a depth of postcollapse CTC. In case of installation of CTC without gnawing nests cylinder under the valve formed increased harmful space. However, comparative tests according to GOST 20073-81, on the compressor 302ВП10/8 , without the groove depth of the nest showed that the technical the compressor characteristics (performance and power consumption per cubic meter of compressed gas) is not deteriorated, and after gnawing these planting the jacks on the depth to the size of the TSPK valve — performance the compressor increased to 11.3 m3/min and the power consumption was reduced to a cube of compressed air at 0.2 KW/m3 /min.

Comparative tests were carried out with the valves of the PEAK AND that packaged with the compressor. Valves are not recommended for use in compressor compressing the gases from mechanical impurities and drip liquid particle size which is more than 0.2 mm; in oxygen compressors; compressors, compressing the air subjected to alkaline washing.