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valve CGL-70-10,0М1

Offer type: salePublished: 16.11.2018
Company:Torgovyij Dom 'KMZ'
Seller:Torgovyij Dom 'KMZ' Kristina Aleksandrovna
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Address:Mykolayivs'ka Oblast', Mykolayiv, Ukraine
Dimensions: 70х79х48х75 Landing size,mm: 70,0 drawing Number: CGL-70-10,0М1 Material: St.45 Situation: a horizontal line compressor Parameters: valve suction gas Compressed: nitrogen,air,hydrogen,inert gases Weight,kg: 1,4 Diameter,mm: 70,0;79,0 Height,mm: 48,0;75,0 Outer diameter,mm: 70,0;79,0 Maximum differential pressure,kgf/cm2: 100,0 embodiment: the annular valve Classification: valve compressor Design: suction,complete climatic performance: Y4
valve CGL-70-10,0М1
the valve ring CGL-70-10,0 M1
suction valve CGL-70-10,0 M1
portable self-acting valve ВКТ70-10,0 M1
valve assy CGT-70-10,0М1 with plates and springs
nitrogen air gas annular valve VKT 70-10,0 M1
valve CGL-70-10,0, M1 the difference between the pressure of 10 MPa 100 kgf/cm2
compressor valve ВКТ70-10,0 M1 bore diameter 70 mm
the suction ring valve CGL-70-10,0 M1 for compressor 4ВМ2,5 4ГМ2,5 2VM2,5 2ГМ2,5
valve ВКТ70-10,0М1 for reciprocating high pressure compressors 2VM2,5 4ВМ2,5 2ГМ2,5 4ГМ2,5
valve kit ВКТ70-10,0 M1 stage nitrogen compressor station air ND SD SDA NDA
the valve ring suction CGL-70-10,0М1 for mobile compressor station SD ND NDA SDA
valve VKT 70-10,0 M1 Krasnodar on stage reciprocating compressor 2VM2,5 2ГМ2,5 4ГМ2,5 4ВМ2,5
valve suction CGL-70-10,0М1 compressor for compression of nitrogen and air gas 4ВМ2,5 2VM2,5 4ГМ2,5 2ГМ2,5
valve kit VKT-70-10,0М1 to the degree of nitrogen air compressor 2VM2,5 4ВМ2,5 2ГМ2,5 4ГМ2,5
spare parts portable nitrogen compressor stations NDA on the basis of M2,5
spare parts of reciprocating compressor nitrogen 2ГМ2,5 4ГМ2,on the basis of 5 M2,5
spare parts portable air compressor station ND on the basis of M2,5
spare parts piston air compressor 2VM2,5 4ВМ2,on the basis of 5 M2,5
parts of a reciprocating compressor ACCORDING to Krasnodarneftegas on the basis of M2,5
spare parts mobile self-propelled nitrogen compressor stations SDA on the basis of M2,5
spare parts for self-propelled mobile air compressor stations SD on the basis of M2,5
parts of a piston compressor Krasnodar compressor plant KOSMA on the basis of M2,5