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Sensor magnetic induction of DM-2, DM-2M

Offer type: salePublished: 11.07.2018
Price:500 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, Sums'ka Oblast', Sumy

Sensor magnetic induction of DM-2 is a source of electric signal used in the equipment of automated control coal mine conveyors to control the movement of the scraper chain, as well as for control the movement of other mechanisms (vibrating screens, crushers, elevators, winches, etc.) using the appropriate automation.
Sensor magnetic induction of DM-2 is designed to work in conjunction with equipment the AUC.1M, AUC.2M and other products of similar purpose as in the mines, hazardous gas and dust, and surface conditions moderate, cold (ambient temperature from minus 60 to 45 °C) or tropical climates (ambient temperature from minus 10 to 55 °C) relative humidity 100% at 35°C.