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Mini-tractor Xingtai XT-244XL (Xingtai XT-244XL)

Offer type: продамPublished: 27.03.2023
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Address:Kyiv Oblast', Hlevakha, Ukraine

Delivery throughout Ukraine. Work without payment.

Model all-wheel drive mini-tractor, Xingtai 244XL (with power steering, upgraded forms of the hood and dash) is a compact technique, with a reliable engine, wide range of speeds, good traction and adhesion qualities and ease of operation.

The steering in this modification - a separate hydraulic circuit and pump. A distinctive feature is the attractive new hood design and headlamps, fitted far/near light and turns.

Front axle suspension with steering knuckles, which provides better traction of the tractor. Swivel front axle allows to adapt to irregularities of the ground irrespective of the position of the core and the rear wheels. The front wheels, if you swap them, determine the required track width of the front axle. Rear wheels demountable at the hub.

In the tractor's hydraulic system uses two gear-type hydraulic pumps: one provides the steering (6 l/min.), the other the tractor's hydraulic system (20 l/min.). With a lever throttle, you can edit and record engine rpm. The inertial air filter-oil type, in front of the radiator, and muffler installed protective mesh.

Reliable technical characteristics of the tractor provides equipment:

PTO speed 540 Rev/min.;
locking rear differential;
front and rear cargo;
the adjustable hub of the rear wheels;
transmission drum brakes with separate brake pedals with the Parking function;
tow hitch with height adjustment, socket for trailer operation;
electrically heater;
handle off weight.

For the comfort and safety of the operator panel is installed devices (ammeter, gauges coolant temperature, fuel level and oil pressure) spring-loaded (adjustable for growth the operator's) seat, the grab handles on the rear fenders, handle spins on the wheel, spherical mirrors. The system safe external light enters the rear working headlight, three-piece lights with red lenses, reflectors and yellow led cornering lamps. There is a beep and emergency alarm.

Engine model KM385BT
Wheel formula 4x4
Power, HP/kW 24/17.6
Number of cylinders 3
Working volume, cm3 1532
Fuel type diesel
Engine cooling liquid
Type air filter of the inertial-oil
Glow plug heater electrically
The number of gears in the transmission (4+1)x2
Type clutch single-plate
Weight, kg 960 (dry)
Front/rear cargo, kg is
Nominal tractive force, kN 5.7
Maximum speed, km/h 29.4
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 3160/1280/1955
Wheelbase, mm 1730
Front wheels track, mm 980
Track rear, mm 1000
Differential lock rear locking
The size of the front tyres 6-16
The size of the rear tire 9.5-24
The steering is
Number of pumps 2
The Parking brake is
PTO, rotation speed, Rev/min. 540
Fuel tank capacity, l 21.