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Essential Foods Estate Living - Food for Dogs with Lamb and Venison 3kg, 12.5 kg

Offer type: salePublished: 05.09.2018
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Seller:Menedzher Magazina
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ESSENTIALS FOODS reflects the natural eating habits of your dog

We have developed a principle to which we remain loyal for many years. It is based on our commitment to dishes that are best suited to the well-being of your dog.
We call this the principle of BOF, and we believe that it should always be applied to each meal for dogs.
BOF means "Behavioral optimization of food products". This means that the food should reflect the natural diet and eating habits of the dog. Behavioral optimization is the result of monitoring of the development and needs of dogs, to provide them with an optimal diet. In practice, this means maintaining stable blood sugar levels. Our meals are filled with foods that stabilize blood sugar levels. They contain only those ingredients that benefit and strengthen the health of your best friend. Proper nutrition is a simple and true key to the well-being of your dog.
High content of fresh meat stimulates the instincts of the dog. We believe that most of the proteins the dog has to obtain fresh and unprocessed meat. The low cooking temperature allows to preserve the nutritional value of the raw materials. Berries, seeds and herbs mimic the diet of animals in the wild. Your dog undoubtedly get pleasure from the delicious, pure and wholesome food, and be happy, energetic and healthy.

Fresh meat lamb, deer 40%, sweet potato,digidrirovannoe lamb 12%,
peas, fresh whole egg 9%, digidrirovannoe chicken meat 7%, potato,
linseed, lamb fat 4%, Lucerne, liver, vitamins, minerals, MOS, FOS,glucosamine *, chondroitin *,
MSM * (* all from natural sources), cranberry, Akai, blueberry, mulberry, Apple, tomato, orange,
pear, carrot, spinach, cauliflower, seaweed, marigold, ginseng, green tea, ginger.
Fresh and digidrirovannoe lamb,
Fresh and digidrirovannoe deer meat,
digidrirovannoe chicken meat, eggs - 74%
Of them fresh (% of whole recipe) - 50
Guaranteed analysis:
Protein 30,0%
Fat 16,0%
Minerals 8%
Cellulose 3,5%
Water 8,5%
Omega6 2.8%
Omega3 1.7 percent
Calcium 1,8%
Phosphorus 1,3%
Glucosamine 0,09%
Chondroitin 0,07%
Calorie content: Kcal/kg 3580
Performed at a temperature of 90°C
High content of fresh meat and low temperature means that your dog receives exceptional nutritional value.
Good news for everyone who cares about their animals!

Essential Foods is the exclusive distributor in Ukraine company Lexpected,in connection with the entry into the market, starts the action for a delicious and natural food from Essential Foods. This is a great opportunity to purchase high-quality food that has no analogues in the Ukrainian market, at the best price and get Your chosen gift.

Each gram of ESSENTIALS carefully selected FOODS and ingredients that meet the highest quality standards. "You are what you eat" - this phrase is just as important for dogs as for us humans. That's why we're talking about food, not dog food. Because our dishes are more than just food.

When buying 4 packs of Essential Foods 10% discount + CONTAINER for feed or 1 liter of 100% OIL FROM NORWEGIAN SALMON FIRST POMACE*

We offer cooperation to breeders at special price 50 kg in a month. Special prices for shops and wholesale buyers.

Don't miss your opportunity to purchase great food at a bargain price!

Note:* When you purchase 4 packs of 3 kg, in the gift container for food + 10% discount

The benefits of Essential Foods is obvious:
- Essential Foods is in the TOP 1 best feed Europe and received the highest rating in the UK
- Patented the principle of BOF is a means to maintain stable blood sugar levels.
The rate of feeding 2 times less feed than other manufacturers
- A separate range for small breeds with a large selection of flavor and physiological preferences
- Our food contains only ingredients that are classified as suitable for human consumption.
- Without grain
- No GMO, preservatives, dyes and flavor enhancers
- Shelf life 12 months
- Best price
Great feedback from our customers and buyers worldwide
- No Allergy
- A great composition
- High content of 88% meat ingredients
- Production at low temperature
- Variety of flavors

We invite you to read the European reviews on Essential Foods:
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