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Delphi Control Valve 9308-622b for Ford--Common Rail Injector Control Valves

Offer type: sellPublished: 30.07.2018
Seller:Corissa Lao
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Address:China, Shenzhen

9308-622 28239295 for Ford

It is me Tina chen from China Lutong Part Plant
Our factory is specialist in diesel parts, such as head rotor, plunger, d.valve, nozzles etc for Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, Mitsubishi,Scan, Man,Merderz,Iveco etc.
Also head rotor for DPA, DPS,DP200.
China Lutong Main Products
Head rotor: VE,DPA,DPS,DP200 head rotors for Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Cummins,Kiv,etc
Common Rail Nozzle: Bosch Denso Delphi Series Injector Nozzle
Control Valve:Delphi 621C 622B, Bosch Control Valve, Valve Cap334,Denso Control Calve Plate,EUP/EUI valve
Common-rail Injector: Delphi Bosch Denso Euro 3 Injector Assembly
Common Rail Tools: Diesel Injector Tester, Fuel Pressure Gauge S60H, Assemble and Disassemble Tools, 
Euro 2 Nozzle: S/P/SD/PD/SN/PN Type Nozzle, Yanmar Nozzle, Kamaz Nozzle
Plunger: A/AD/P/PS7100/PS8500/PW2000/BQ/EP9/MW type Plunger
Delivery Valve: A/P/Constant Pressure Delivery Valve
Reference parts: supply pumps,feed pumps,repair kits, cam disk,blade,shaft driver also avaiable.

NOItemTypeReference #Stamping #1Delphi valve9308-621C6212Delphi valve9308-622B6223Delphi valveFor Denso injectorBF15BF154valve BOSCHFor 110 type injectors3345ToolFor CAT injetors6ToolFor Denso injectors7Bosch valveF00RJ00339F00RJ003398Bosch valveF00RJ01657F00RJ016579Bosch valveF00RJ01683F00RJ0168310Bosch valveF00RJ01692F00RJ0169211Bosch valveF00RJ01704F00RJ0170412Bosch valveF00RJ01727F00RJ0172713Bosch valveF00RJ01941F00RJ0194114Bosch valveF00RJ02035F00RJ0203515Bosch valveF00RJ02056F00RJ0205616Bosch valveF00RJ02130F00RJ0213017Bosch valveF00RJ02806F00RJ0280618Bosch valveF00VC01358F00VC0135819Bosch valveF00VC01359F00VC0135920Bosch valveF00VC01371F00VC0137121Bosch valve0445120002FOORJ0000522Bosch valve0445110305FOOVC0135924valve EUP7.0257.02525valve EUP7.0157.01526valve EUP7.0107.01027valve EUP7.0057.00528valve EUP7.0007.00029valve EUP7. EUP7.0607.06031valve EUP7.0207.020