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Liquid Silane Willson glass Guard car Polish for car / Glass protection

Offer type: salePublished: 02.08.2017
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LIQUID SILANE WILLSON GLASS GUARD for car polishing is silnowo protection for the body of the car. Liquid glass is very easy to apply without leaving streaks and stains.

It was created on the basis of hydrogen and silicon verified recipes specialists Willson a world class manufacture of automobile cosmetics.

Liquid glass WILLSON SILANE GUARD for cars gives the vehicle maximum invulnerability when applied just a few layers. Celanova protection as called by the Japanese the cosmetics, is an upgraded version of the famous drivers of liquid glass. Due to the special composition of the Polish is quite easy to apply on the body without streaks and stains.

The application of liquid glass and SILANE WILLSON GUARD

First applied to body paint a layer of liquid glass is fully absorbed. The second layer thanks to adhesion to first create the reliable protection that remains from year to year and a half. To Guard Silane served as long as possible, to clean the car from dirt it is best to use a touchless wash with the help of specialized aerosol products that can be purchased in any online store cosmetics. If you wash the car the usual way, the coating will loose the static property.

Liquid glass has repulsive properties, so the car much easier to wash. To restore water-repellent properties of the liquid glass after washing, it is enough to treat it with a special tool, which is combined with Silane Guard. Using care auto this auto with each washing properties of liquid glass will be accumulated and improve.