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Sale of industrial automation and instrumentation Aries

Offer type: salePublished: 15.09.2017
Company:Orion Energo
Seller:Ivanets Dmitrij Vasil'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhia

OOO "Orion energy" - a spokesman for the company ARIES, the largest manufacturer of vehicles industrial automation and instrumentation in Ukraine.

Our the company is ready to offer products company ARIES, at the the best price and in the shortest possible dates:

-Devices control and management: the pulse counter SI8, СИ30, tachometers TX1, flow meters PM1, warning level SAU-M6, M2 ACS, timers UT1, УТ24.

- Gauges-regulators: ТРМ1, 2ТРМ1, ТРМ138, 2ТРМ0, ТРМ200, ТРМ101

-Programmable logic controllers: THE PLC 100, THE PLC 110, THE PLC 154, PLC 63, PLC 73

-Modules I/o: Input mv110, MU110

-The device connection: GSMmodem PM 01 interface converters AC2, C3,C4, C5, archiver МСД200

-Drive technique: converters frequency ПЧВ1/ПЧВ2

-Blocks power supply and switching devices: BP02, BP04, BP07, BP30, BP60, BOOST, БУСТ2

-Sensors: temperature DTS/DTPK, level: float ПДУ1.1, ПДУ1.2, ПДУ1.3, the DC conductivity, Control pressure PD 100, PD 200

Line products brand ARIES constantly updated, low cost products and flexible system of discounts make our products attractive and competitive. And the presence of a large warehouse provides maximum variability and precision in working with our clients.

Technical the specialists of our company provide a full range of services on selection, setting up and programming only range of equipment.