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Reinforcing hydraulic cutter, ARG 22

Offer type: salePublished: 20.08.2018
Price:6 300 UAH
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Address:Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv, Ukraine

Armatures manual hydraulic ARG-22 intended for cutting of bars of reinforcing steel and other less solid materials. This ensures safety and high productivity at work. This model has a built-in hydraulic pump. The working head is made in the form of the letters, rotating 180 degrees, set interchangeable blades made of steel of high hardness.

Armatures manual hydraulic ARG-22 with integrated pump designed for transverse (at 90º) cutting bars of rebar, class A-1 (hot-rolled smooth) and reinforcement of class A-2 (hot-rolled rod fittings periodic profile without thermal treatment (GOST 5781-82) with a diameter up to 16mm, as well as other bars of less rigid materials up to a diameter of 22mm. The working head is made of durable alloy.
The working head is made of durable alloy. Light weight and compact hydraulic armatures allow it to be used directly at the place of work.

Used for cutting valves For emergency, builders.



The maximum diameter of low-carbon rebar 22 mm;

a force of 13 tons;

stroke 33 mm.



150 cycles;

- small dimensions;

- ease of use;

knives if necessary change.


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