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Blade for pump KO-503 textolite plate TO-503 (270*42*5,5).

Offer type: salePublished: 05.03.2018
Price:138 UAH
Company:TOV 'Tehno-L'
Seller:Anton Semenovich
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Paddle pump KO-503 textolite plate for CO-503 (270*42*5,5).


Plate for vacuum pump KO-503 textolite blade size (270*42*5,5) is set in the groove of the pump rotor. When the rotor of the pump blades under the action of centrifugal force pressed against the inner surface of the housing, pulling the the air, and forming the vacuum.

Blades vacuum pump KO-503 are arranged inside the pump KO-503 in the grooves of the rotor in the amount of six pieces. Made of oiled PCB PT-6 (1st grade). The blades upon rotation of the rotor in contact with the inner surface of the housing the pump, therefore, wear out and are regularly replaced. To replace worn plates unscrewed the pump cover, the back cover is removed together with the rotor. The blades are checked for damage, washed with gasoline. Often, the blockage leads to the ceasing of the blades in the slots of the rotor.