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Voltage transformer WE-6, the transformer US transformer US-6

Offer type: salePublished: 29.01.2018
Company:TOV 'Tehno-L'
Seller:Anton Semenovich
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Voltage transformer US-6, US transformer, measuring transformer US-6


Three phase transformer oil voltage US of the type-6 is designed for installation in electrical networks three-phase AC frequency of 50 Hz with isolated neutral with the aim signal transmission of the measuring information to measuring devices, devices automation, protection, signaling and control, and for accounting, including commercial.

Distinctive features of these transformers is their ability to continuously operate at elevated (up to three times) the tension on any of the three phases due to ferroresonance phenomena.


US-6 is designed for operation in regions with temperate and cold the climate in:

Not explosive and chemically active environment;

installation height above sea level — not more than 1000m.

The transformer is not designed to work in conditions of shaking, vibration, bumps.

Operating mode — long.

Ambient temperature: -45C to +40C for U1.

Ambient temperature: -60C to +40C for HL1.

Relative humidity — less than 80% at 25C.


Technical features:


Nominal voltage, kV: 6

The nominal voltage of the primary winding (HV): 6000

Rated secondary voltage (NN): 100

Overall dimensions, mm: 482х535х353

Weight, kg: 95