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Voltage transformer ioie-6, transformer IOIE, transformer ioie-6

Offer type: salePublished: 29.01.2018
Company:TOV 'Tehno-L'
Seller:Anton Semenovich
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Voltage transformer ioie-6, transformer IOIE, measuring transformer ioie-6


Three phase voltage transformers series IOIE are made for the needs of national economy and designed to scale converting electrical AC voltage to further measuring and filing for protection devices and alarm circuits with isolated neutral (commercial accounting of electricity). Transformers are used for metering, including commercial, electrical energy in electrical installations AC.


Operating conditions:

Transformers designed to work indoors

Height above sea level up to 1000 m

Temperature the environment from -45°C to +40°C

Environment non-explosive

Necessary protection against accidental contact, moisture proof and overload protection is plant, which is integrated transformer

Relative humidity 80% at temperature of 15°C


Technical features ioie-6

Nominal the voltage of windings, V:

primary: 6000

secondary: 100

Nominal power for accuracy classes, WA:

0,5: 75

1,0: 150

3,0: 300

Limit power, W: 630

Weight, kg, not more: 59