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Switch ВА77-1-125;ВА88-32;ВА51-31;АЕ2033;АЕ2036;АЕ2043;АЕ2044;АК50Б-3М;АК63-3МУ3;АК63-2МУ3;G21U;G2UX50M;А3124;А3716

Offer type: salePublished: 04.09.2017
Seller:Ivanov Anatolij
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ВА77 circuit breaker-1-125 80A 1pc.

Circuit breaker ВА88-32 125A 1pc.
Switch ВА51-31-1400100-00УХЛ3 (VA-51-31-1400100-00УХЛ3) 25A 380V 37шт.
Switch ВА51-31-1400100-30УХЛ3 20A 380V 1pc.
Switch ВА51-29-1400100-30УХЛ3 20A 380V 1pc.
Switch avtomaticheski, TOO 32A 220/500V 1pcs Bulgaria.
Switch А3114 20A 1pc.
Switch automatic AR-III-25-1 25A 500V 1pcs Poland.
Switch АЕ2033-10У3 1.6 A 500V 2pcs.
Switch АЕ2033-12У3 10A 500V 1pc.
Switch АЕ2033-2U3 4A 500V 1pc.
Switch АЕ2033-40РУ3 6A 500V 1pc.
Switch АЕ2036-200У3 2A 500V 1pc.
Switch АЕ2036-40РУ3 6A 500V 2pcs.
Switch АЕ2043-10У3,ХЛ4 63A ~500V 1pc.
Switch АЕ2043-120-00У3-40A ~660V 1pc.
Switch АЕ2043МП-100-00У3-8A 660V 1pc.
Switch АЕ2044-100-00У3УХЛ4-B, 16A ~440V 1pc.
Switch АЕ2044-100-00У3УХЛ4-B 20A ~440V 3pcs.
Switch АЕ2044-100-00У3УХЛ4-B 40A ~440V 5pcs.
Switch АЕ2046-10РУ3,ХЛ4-32A ~660V 1pc.
Switch АЕ2049М-100-00У3УХЛ4-50A 660V 1pc.
Switch motor protection M 611 with thermal overload relay 1,6-2,5 A 1 piece.
Circuit breaker АК50Б-3M 380V 25A 12pcs.
Switch АК63-2МГУ3 OF 6.3 ~500V 1pc.
Switch АК63-2МУ3 2.5 A ~500V 1pc.
Switch АК63-2МУ3 6.3 A -240V 1pc.
Switch АК63-3МГ 16A ~500V 1pc.
Switch АК63-3МУ3 2.5 A ~500V 1pc.
Switch АК63-3МУ3 5A ~50V 2pcs.
Circuit breaker 250A 500V G2UX50M production Prague (Praga,photo) 2pcs.
Circuit breaker 50A G21U production Prague (Praga,photo) 12pcs.
Automatic valueloader А3124 100A (Polish, Spanish) 1pc.
Automatic valueloader А3124 80A (Polish Spanish) 5pcs.
Automatic valueloader А3124 40A (Polish Spanish) 5pcs.
Automatic valueloader А3716 80A 2pcs.
Automatic valueloader А3716 160A 1pc.

Prices on switches Treaty, ask, delivery in Ukraine.

Circuit breakers series ВА77-1 used at industrial enterprises, in housing and civil construction, switchgear substations, systems, automatic, control systems eelektrodvigatelei, low-voltage complete devices.

Automatic industrial switches series ВА77-1 is designed to protect electrical circuits from prolonged overloads and short circuit currents, and also for the operational enable and disable sections of electric circuits, AC 50 Hz voltage up to 690 V.