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The starter MMP-3211 OM5 (ПММ3211, ПММД3211, fuel-Д3211), MMP-1122 M3 (ПММ1122, ПММД1122, fuel-Д1122), MMP-1221 M3 (ПММ1221, ПММД1221, fuel-Д1221)

Offer type: salePublished: 04.09.2017
Seller:Ivanov Anatolij
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The starter Sadovy MMP-3211 OM5 (ПММ3211, ПММД3211, MMP-Д3211) OF 22.5 AND 21kg 220V 5pcs. negotiable
The starter Sadovy MMP-1122 M3 (ПММ1122, ПММД1122, MMP-Д1122) 380V 10pcs 22,5 AND. negotiable
The starter Sadovy MMP-1221 M3 (ПММ1221, ПММД1221, MMP-Д1221) Of 22.5 And coil circuit 220V 380V 10pcs. negotiable
Starter magnetic P6-111УХЛ4В 380V 10A 5pcs.
Starter magnetic PMA-0100УХЛ4В 220V 10A 5pcs.
The magnetic actuator PME-011 220V 2pcs.
The magnetic actuator PME-012 220V 1pcs.
The magnetic actuator PME-071 6.3 A 220V 1pcs.
The magnetic actuator PME-071МВУХЛ3 380V 6.3 A 1pc.
The magnetic actuator PME-071У3В 1pcs 380V 4A.
The magnetic actuator PME-111 4pcs 36V 10A. 70 UAH/PCs.
The magnetic actuator PME-111 220V 10A 20pcs. 80 UAH/PCs.
The magnetic actuator PML-150104Б 110V 16A 1pc.
ПМЛ2100 magnetic starter 380V 2pcs.
SIEMENS contactor magnetic 110V 10A 1pc.
SIEMENS contactor magnetic 220V 53-80A 1pc.
Magnetic contactor St-5Z 280V 100A Poland analogue of PMA 5200 1pc.
Starter magnetic HR0910 BROOK CROMPTON 24V 25A 2pcs.
Contactor KM-2441-10 25A; 220V; circuit control.~220V 6pcs.
Contactor KNT-021-M 10A; 380v; chain control.-220v 7pcs.
The starter contactless reversible PBR-2M 2pcs.
The coil to the starter ПМА5100 220V 1pcs.
The starter of PMA-4100 220V (without the upper movable contact) 2pcs. negotiable

Starters new, storage, low prices, delivery to Ukraine.

Series starters PMM-D produced under the supervision of the Marine Register and is intended for use at facilities of the Ministry defense. Series starters PMM-D designed to start, stop and reverse three phase asynchronous electric motors with squirrel-cage rotor, operating at a nominal a voltage of 127 V, 220 V, 380 V, frequency 50 Hz. Series starters PMM-D is carried out thermal protection controllable motors from invalid overload and zero protection.

Operating conditions

The contactors provide reliable and stable operation under the following conditions:  ambient temperature from minus 40 to plus 40 °C for starters climatic performance M3 and from minus 40 to plus 45 °C for the climate version OM5;  relative humidity up to 98% at temperature 35 °C;  allowed to work the starter at 60 °C for two hours 5 times a year;  pressure environment 80-203 kPa (600-1520 mm Hg.St.);  environment is non-explosive, not containing conductive dust, abrasive, aggressive gases and vapors in concentrations destroying metals and insulation;  in pitching with an amplitude of ±45° with a period of 7-9;  with a long (no time limit) tilting in all directions up to ±15°;  at short-term (for 3 min) tilting in all directions up to ±45°;  working position – fastening on a vertical plane.