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sensors relay DNT, DRD in stock

Offer type: salePublished: 04.07.2017
Seller:Valerij Grigor'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
The company sells control and measuring instruments: manometers, thermomanometers, temperature controllers, level, pressure. weight of humidity. Secondary recording devices, RAM, ROM, RR-160, KSM, CAE, DCC, CRP. Devices transceiver control fire (FCIS) GAMMA.

Unified a number of small sensors relays pressure and pressure difference is intended for use in automatic and automated systems of control, management and regulation pressures (overpressure and vacuum), and the difference pressure

Depending on the magnitude of the controlled pressure sensors divided into:

1. sensors-relays of pressure - days

2. sensors switches and the thrust - DT

3. sensors-pressure switch - DD

4. the sensor-relay differential pressure - DP

5. sensors-relays of pressure and thrust - DNT-1

Sensor ДРД5Т range reguluvannya Cisco – 0,6 .....5мбар

ДРД10Т - 1.......10 mbar

ДРД50Т - 5........50мбар

DRD-12 pressure range -3.........12 mbar

DRD-40 pressure range -10......40 mbar

DRD-120 pressure range -30...120 mbar

DRD-400 pressure range -0,1......0.4 bar

The FDR-1000 pressure range -0,2....1,0 bar

DRD-5N (T) pressure range -0,6......5 mbar

DRD-10N (T) pressure range - 1....10 mbar

DRD-50N (T) pressure range -5......50 mbar

DRD-300H pressure range mbar 0,3 -0,03..