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The switch package PKP-25-2; PVP-11-31; PW3-60M3; ПЕ071; PKE 122/1; PG-4П1Н; PG-8П1Н; PG-9П4Н; PG-3П2Н; PG-3П2Н; PG-15П1Н;

Offer type: salePublished: 04.09.2017
Seller:Ivanov Anatolij
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The switch package control panel-25-380V 25A 2 63 000 cycle. 50pcs.
Switch-switch packet PVP-11-31 100A 380\660V 250 000 cycle. 50pcs.
The switch package PV3-10Н2 10A 220V\ 380V 6A 2pcs.
The switch package PV3-25 25A 220V\ 380V 16A 2 PCs.
The switch package PV3-60M3 63A 220V\ 380V 40A 13pcs.
The switch package ППМ3-10 10A 220V\ 380V 63A 1pc.
The switch package ППМ3-25 25A 220V\ 380V 16A 1pc.
Switch rotary cookers control panel 1pcs 25A 220V.
Switch ПЕ071 (PE-071) use 2 10A 47шт.
Switch brush ПГ39ш-37B 3П4Н switch app 3pcs.
Switch brush gear PG-15П1Н (PR-15П1Н switch app) 2pcs.
Switch brush gear PG-15П2Н (PR-15П2Н switch app) 1pc.
Switch brush gear PG-3П2Н (PR-3П2Н switch app) 4pcs.
Switch brush gear PG-3П2Н (PR-3П2Н switch app) 6pcs.
Switch brush gear PG-4П1Н (PR-4П1Н switch app) 7pcs.
Switch brush gear PG-5П2Н (PR-5П2Н switch app) 1pc.
Switch brush gear PG-8П1Н (PR-8П1Н switch app) 5pcs.
Switch brush gear PG-9П4Н (PR-9П4Н switch app) 3pcs.
The post button PKU-15-21.121-54У2 ~660V -440V 10A 1pc.
Post push-button PKE 122/1 100pcs.

Packet switches-switches of the series PKP-25 is designed for installation as switching devices in electrical circuits of alternating current to control the asynchronous motors with squirrel-cage rotor in an integrated and input switching devices to switch without overloading the circuit steps the voltage of the welding transformers welding machines.