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Milling machine verticalline 6Р12.

Offer type: salePublished: 17.07.2016
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

 The machine is in very good condition, connected, working, complete.
Working table surface, mm 1250х320

Travel of table, mm, maximum

longitudinal 800
cross 320
vertical 420

one notch limb (longitudinal, transverse, vertical), mm 0.05
one turn of the limb
longitudinal and transverse 6
vertical 2
The movement of the quill spindle on one unit / turn of the scale, mm 0.05 / 4
Moving the sleeve of the spindle (vertical) 70
Diameter cutters for roughing, mm, maximum 160
Distance, mm
from the end of a vertical (axis horizontal) spindle to table working surface, mm 30-450
from the axis of the spindle to the bed rails 380

The speed of fast table travel, mm/min

longitudinal and transverse 4000
vertical 1330

Number of spindle speeds 18
The frequency of rotation horizontal or vertical spindle, min.-1 31,5-1600
The number of feeds table 22

Feed, mm/min

longitudinal and transverse 12,5-1600
vertical 4,1-530

Rotation angle of spindle head, degrees 45

Power, kW

main drive 7,5
drive 3 innings

Weight of processed detail (with device), kg 400

Overall dimensions, mm

length 2280
width 1965
height 2265

Weight kg 3250