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Transformers B/y TM, TMN, TMZ, TMG, TDN,

Offer type: buyPublished: 23.02.2022
Seller:Krot Bogdan Leonidovich
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Address:Ukraine, Kalinovka, Vinnytsia Oblast'

Buy power oil transformers B/y TM 25/10(6) TM 40/10(6) TM 63/10(6) TM 100/10(6) TM 160/10(6) TM 250/10(6) TMZ 250/10(6) TM 400/10(6) TMZ 400/10(6) TM 630/10(6) TMZ 630/10(6) TM 1000/10(6) TMZ 1000/10(6) TM 1600/10(6) TMZ 1600/10(6) TM 2500/10(6) TMN 2500/35(10/6) TMN 4000/35(10/6) 6300/35 TMN(10/6) In any technical condition as well as the various components: electrotechnical steel , copper and aluminum windings, transformer oil on favorable terms. Ready to cooperate on a long term basis. Will consider all offers, decommissioned transformers, used transformers, surplus stock of transformers, incomplete transformers, transformer steel from the reserve. Methods of payment any, price negotiable Brands, TM, TMN, TMZ, TMG, TDN, TRDN, TMPU, ACDCP, ETEK, AMPK, TPMS, TSSU with an output of 25 kVA and 16000...more voltage 6...150sq. On an ongoing basis . Any convenient for you form payment. All of the regions. The dismantling of transformers. Self.Bogdan 0680794296 energotechservice.Russia