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Gas mask hose PN - 1

Offer type: salePublished: 30.07.2014
Seller:Gluhov Maksim Valer'evich
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Address:Russian Federation, Tambovskaya Oblast', Tambov
Ripm-IG-130 gas Mask hose PN-1 ("mask") - air-pressure isolating apparatus of the type designed for respiratory protection and human vision in the atmosphere,
containing less than 18 volume percent of oxygen and more than 0.5 volume percent of harmful substances in ambient temperature from minus 30°C to plus 40°C.
The mask RPE-IG-130 on the characteristics corresponds to a self-priming mask PSH-1 TL6-16-2053-76 (personal protective equipment. The Handbook. Ed. by S. L. Kaminski, 1989, S. 98).
Scope: working in confined tanks, wells, compartments, etc. in various fields of economic activity.
Certificate of conformity TRCU no TC RUCRU.AYA 12.In.01001
The mask comes in three versions.