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the cover for storage

Offer type: salePublished: 25.07.2014
Seller:Raevskaya Galina
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Address:Russian Federation, Samarskaya Oblast', Tolyatti
Under this generic name hides a huge amount of materials that have arcs from each other in color (there are both color and colorless), composition, method of application, the thickness of the performed functions.
The polymer coating is easy to wash, they do not attract dust. With their help, the floor surface can be done any - bright, shiny and perfectly smooth or rough, preventing sliding.
These floors are used in industrial enterprises and in public places.
Their scope is not limited.
Sports facilities;
Construction and repair;
Industrial and manufacturing enterprises;
Cafes, restaurants and catering;
and many others..
Wear resistance, mechanical strength,
Resistance to shock, Resistance to dynamic and concentrated loads,
The resistance to water and aggressive media,
Resistance to temperature extremes, anti-slip properties, ease of cleaning and maintenance,
Fire safety, anti-static properties,