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Reaper double-drum ocenivaushiy "Slavyanka UAS"

Offer type: salePublished: 03.11.2017
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Address:Republic of Belarus
Otsasyvauschie Reaper "Slavyanka UAS are designed for cleaning all grains and metalocene crops, seed fodder and medicinal herbs.
Width 5 m, 6 m and 7 m
Performance 5 ha/hour.
The copying mechanism of the soil.
The working speed of 9 km/H.
Aggregated with any harvesters.
Losses of grain less than 1.5% due to design features.
Fuel savings of up to 40% compared with traditional cleaning the reapers.
Quality cleaning is laid loaves and weedy fields. Proven themselves when creating stubble scenes, harvest technology of no-till and mini-till.
24 months warranty, service, parts, supervision during the entire period of operation.
RBM.Agro-service Kharkiv, Ukraine
+38(067)577-46-81, +38(067)577-46-75