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Dynamometer DPU-0,01-2 10kg

Offer type: salePublished: 23.07.2014
Seller:Valentina Ivanovna
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Address:Ukraine, Sums'ka Oblast'
Dynamometer DPU-0,01-2 10kg (0,1 kN) General purpose (DPU,01-2, DPU 0.01 to 2, DPU-0,012, DPU-0,01 2, DPU,012, DPU,01 2, DPU 0,012, DPU 0,01 2)
Dynamometer DPU-0,01-2 General purpose is used to measure the static tensile load, calibrated in kN, and is designed to work in the premises of the laboratory at ambient temperatures from +10ºC to +35ºC and relative humidity not more than 60%.
Dimensions - him.
Technical characteristics of the devices dynamometers DPU-0,01-2 General purpose:
Outside measurements:
- lowest - 0,01 kN(kgs);
- greatest - 0,1 kN(kg, 0,01, TC);
Intercept is 0.001 kN(0.1 kgf)
The limits of the basic reduced error of ±2%;
When removing the load of the dynamometer arrow reading device is set to the zero point with an accuracy of 0.5 rates division of the scale;
The limits of additional error dynamometer DPU-0,01-2 10kg (0,1 kN) caused by changes in ambient temperature in the operating temperature range than the temperature of normal conditions, 0,25 basic error for every 10ºC;
The limit values of the variations in the readings of the dynamometer does not exceed the absolute value of the limit of acceptable basic error;
Response threshold - not more than 0.5% maximum limit of measurement;
Permissible overload:
- most limit of the measurement is 0.1 kN 0.2 kN to 200% of the maximum limit of measurement;
- most limit of 1.2 kN and 5kN - 100% of the maximum limit of measurement;
Weight - not more than 1.4 kg;
Full average life of the instrument DPU-0,01-2 10kg (0,1 kN) not less than 10 years.