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Lifeguard portable ultrasonic radar detector leakage of toxic gases, carbon monoxide smoke WITH

Offer type: salePublished: 21.07.2014
Seller:- Internet Magazin Dom i Sad
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
Exclusive video on the description page by ultrasonic gasolineethanol device demonstrates the particular advantages of the sensor Spasatel over similar devices of other companies.
The most common freelance everyday situations that threaten the life, health of the surrounding adults, children, Pets:
Early closed valve oven, smoker, gas boiler in the bath, house, apartment, garage, other room.
Long time not shelled chimney, chimney fireplace, oven, stove smoker.
Suddenly extinct, filled the gas burners. Put to cook food on a gas stove, forgot, fell asleep, leaving preparing food. Boiling water will be poured gas burner. Provided the leakage of household gas in the house, apartment.
Boiling water quickly evaporated, burning foods filled with poisonous smoke kitchen, bathroom.
Flooded evaporation of the chemical hazardous chemicals, gasoline, caustic solvents, acids, fuels and lubricants, operating the motor car garage, office, garden shed, summer house.
In addition to these, there are many other extreme moments of occurrence in the atmosphere of invisible hazardous compounds, leaks, fumes.
Visually similar to the leakage of household gas, evaporation of toxic chemicals chlorine, ammonia, acid, smoke yourself immediately able to identify and capture only a special electronic sensor Rescuer. Sensitive and powerful sensors ultrasonic devices gasolines vapors, fumes in the air of hazardous substances detector Rescuer time to detect chemical vapors of gasoline, solvents, propane, methane, butane, CO2, aerosols.
Home ultrasonic detector atopiclair, dineopentyl the detecting device in the air of toxic substances Rescuer just need to buy in our online store.
Inexpensive price of the instrument detector available to each customer.
Install the detector, detectors smoke, dangerous fumes house, apartment, garage, bath, shed, smoke house, cottage, garage, industrial, office building, bathroom, bath!
Home timeprecision, patholoical instrument leak detection vapor Spasatel in the case of the first signs of danger, the emergence of chemical poison, CO in the air will immediately served a long sharp alarm sound and flashing led alarm . Electrochemical sensor gas accumulation immediately notify navigaia danger.
The ultrasound equipment Detector detection leak, emission, concentrations of hazardous substances in the home and working production environment runs on 220V and with an adapter from the car. The effective detection area of 100 square meters. Install, hang the device detector patholoical Rescue in areas of likely leakage of vapors, gas, appearance.
Equipment electronic gazoobrazovateli accompanied by detailed Russian-language instruction manual scheme, the right of self-installation in residential and non-residential premises.
We offer you to look at the exclusive video of the annotation analyzer rescuer and clear instruction gazoulavlivayuschie appliances .
Do not buy cheap imitations device detector gazoobrazovateli, demoabrasiones Lifeguard at a low price, promotions, sales, discounts! Life, health, family, friends, Pets, employees collective expensive saved cents!
Suggest to buy at factory outlet price in our online store is the original trap device, Keyless emissions, CO gas detector Rescuer. Are the official partners of sales, manufacturer electronic devices, sensors, detectors, gas analyzers Smolensk NGO BIOS. The customer of our online store are guaranteed to get the original device determining emissions, congestion, hazardous to life, health of others. Get the best quality leak sensor Rescuer determinant gas, chemistry with a long warranty, free servicing products . Buy original system warning danger from us. Take care of the safety of life, health, relatives, workers of the enterprise in case of an emergency. Best household ultrasonic detector the detector for self-discovery in house, working conditions, smoke, gas fumes device Rescuer gets excellent user reviews and is very popular with consumers. Sensor patholoical, fume extractor and a determinant of leakage of toxic chemicals ultrasonic electronic device Spasatel will save the lives of family and friends. The apparatus of the detector will save the health of others in the event of the sudden appearance of toxic pollutants, smoke, gas, chemical fumes in the residential, working, office, garage, shop floor.
Sell detector detector in retail, medium, small and large bulk sending of the order in any region of Russia. Delivery by mail of the Russian Federation, courier, transport company.
Minimum order retail 1 set.
The retail price 1 kit 2190 rubles.
TEL: 89277260320, 89063753197, 89608033739