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Typhoon LS 800 ultrasonic electronic rodent repeller, mice and rats

Offer type: salePublished: 21.07.2014
Seller:- Internet Magazin Dom i Sad
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
In the apartment, house, office, shop, yard, garden shed, garage, summer garden house appeared rodents? Than, folk cures, methods, ways of dealing most effectively to destroy rats, mice quickly and effectively by getting rid of rodents? Use against destruction, get rid of rodents household chemicals, bait, poison, will give a temporary effect and often leads to the opposite effect. Poison, chemical fumes poison can poison the surrounding residential, non-residential premises. Poisonous tools, baits, insecticides, toxic remedies against rats and mice can poison children, Pets.
In order to really yourself to get rid of rodents national safe way need to buy electronic ultrasonic crispp against rodents and install the appliance in a house, cottage, apartment, basement.
Best domestic ultrasonic repeller against rats and mice Typhoon 800 HP offers to buy at an affordable price online shop Home and Garden. Unique Russian electronic ultrasonic repeller rodents, mice, rats device Typhoon 800 HP quickly and efficiently, within a few weeks, will help to get rid of chewing pests. Deterring apparatus mishap completely safe adult, children, Pets, and environment. Consumer electronic products from rats and mice repeller Crispp Typhoon LS 800 best folk remedy scare, destruction, disposal household pests with great user reviews.
Household ultrasonic electronic mouse repeller, rodent Typhoon LS 800 has a special built-flow sensor of the ultrasonic signal. Deterring device against rats, mice generates ultrasonic vibrations waves with a characteristic clicks. It turns out most effective way of deterring household pests ultrasound, clicks and led alarm as multi-colored flashing alternately colored led lights. Rats, mice gnawing household pests close to such a powerful light and an ultrasonic device feel a strong discomfort. A strong sense of fear, the instinct of self-preservation pests are passed to the psyche of animals and rodents trying to quickly leave the dangerous place of residence. Continuously working 2 - 3 weeks of the electronic apparatus scare against rats, mice crispp Typhoon 800 HP forever will cause pests, insects to leave the residential and non-residential premises.
Really want quickly, efficiently, safely, to destroy, to get rid of rats and mice the house, garden, summer house, apartment, office, garage, basement, shed? Do not wait until tailed rodents pests, rats, mice will gnaw through wiring and arrange a fire in the house or office building! Advise immediately to buy in our online shop Home and Garden unique household ultrasonic electronic repeller against rats and mice Taifun LS 800! Cheap price electronic repellent device available to each owner of the cottage, cottages and country houses, apartments, office, administrative building. Look, we offer video instruction. 'll be surprised what agronomy harm to human health, domestic animals, property, bring proliferating in the premises of rodents.
Technical characteristics of the household electronic rodent repeller Typhoon LS 800:
Compact ultrasonic product operates from 220 C. the Capacity of the device 9W. The service life of 10 years! The area covered by myshape 400 sq m
Established in deterring device changing ultrasonic frequency regulated switch Day / Night housing chrysoula. Variable flow changing different frequencies in the apparatus of otpugivateli rodents Taifun LS 800 do not allow to get used to household pests to work away missauga.
Detailed instructions for use, handling, installation ultrasonic tool against rodents, pests Typhoon LS 800 is attached in the original configuration of the device. Informative video instruction device Taifun LS 800 will talk about the tools quickly, efficiently deter, destroy, get rid of chewing pests.
Shop Home and Garden works directly with the only Russian manufacturer of electronic otpugivali tools, systems, devices, brands Typhoon enterprise Alex the city of Zhigulevsk.
The proposed buyer is guaranteed to protect yourself from the many cheap imitations of rodent repeller Typhoon 800 HP. Enough to buy at factory outlet price in our online store brand quality repellent device. We do not deceive the buyer all sorts of promotions, sales, discounts, liquidations, warehouses and other tricks of unscrupulous sellers. Do not sell fake otpugivateli rodents.
Client online store House and Garden are always protected from buying fakes. Gets a serial device rodent repeller provided with a long warranty operation and free servicing of electronic products. Numerous good reviews, reasonable price, long uptime, service missauga Typhoon LS 800 prove the high quality selling our products against chewing pests.
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Delivery in any region of Russia by mail cash on delivery, shipping company, courier service. Minimum order is 1 piece.
Price 1790 rubles. TEL: 89277260320, 89063753197, 89608033739