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Typhoon LS 500 ultrasonic electronic repeller cockroaches and insects

Offer type: salePublished: 21.07.2014
Seller:- Internet Magazin Dom i Sad
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
Cockroaches, red and black ants, lice, fleas, bugs, harmful small crawling jumping insects in homes, apartments, cottage, office. They deliver to the owners of square meters huge hassle and trouble. Balestrino bite adults , Pets and carry a lot of viruses, diseases dangerous to the health of others. Pests in the house, apartment, office, catering, crawling and jumping on property, food. See included on the website online store video clip about huge damage Prusakov.
Noticed the emergence of industrial, residential location, cockroaches, ants, fleas, bugs, wood lice, bed bugs and other crawling jumping insect-like? Care should be taken to find methods and ways of quick disposal, destruction of pests! Try not to apply for independent against domestic beetles, red and black ants chemical powders, insecticides, poisonous baits. Insects very quickly adapt at home to household chemical poisons and transfer of toxic chemicals in household items, dishes, products. Often from household chemicals, dead poisoned insects, insecticidal toxic agents against cockroaches, ants, wood lice, fleas, spiders, beetles get poisoning domestic cats, dogs, small children.
How to self-destroy, take, destroy small crawling jumping pests? Than you can quickly, safely get home from Prusakov and other pests in the house, apartment, cottage, cottage, dining room, café, and other industrial and non-industrial premises? What effective folk remedies, methods and ways to use against ants, cockroaches, fleas, woodlice?
Best safe effective folk remedy for rapid destruction by their own hands insects in the house, apartment, office, shop is the Russian ultrasonic cockroach repeller Typhoon 500 HP. These conclusions, based on the many excellent reviews on electronic consumer device Tarakanov Taifun LS 500 . Affordable unit for every buyer. High quality products, the efficiency of destruction Prusakov, scaring away pests from the premises , absolute safety device for adults, children, Pets. These key characteristics have made the household ultrasonic cockroach repeller Typhoon 500 HP one of the best among similar electronic means independent of the struggle against Prusakov and household insects!
Where and what kind of online store to buy authentic brand instrument to fight at home with cockroaches and other small household pests device Tarakanov Taifun LS 500?
For successful, effective against cockroaches and quick deliverance from small domestic insects should only buy factory Tarakanov. Not to buy the cheap little effective fake ultrasound device in online stores at low prices. Careful attitude to all sorts of offers to buy ultrasonic electronic repeller cockroaches Typhoon 500 HP on various discounts, sales, promotions. These fake little help against domestic Prusakov, ants, pests and additionally can harm the health of others.
This brand repeller against cockroaches, ants, small crawling insect-like device Typhoon LS 500 we recommend you to buy real factory price in online store House and Garden.
Our online store has long been working directly with MNPF ALEX the city of Zhigulevsk. Only Zhiguli enterprise Alex is the only manufacturer of electronic tools, devices, apparatus brand Typhoon against all kinds of home and garden pests, rodents, dogs.
How it works and destroys insects and Prusakov in the house, apartment, office, dining room, best consumer electronic repeller cockroaches Typhoon 500 HP?
Select the device Tarakanov in areas of high occurrence, accumulation of cockroaches. Connect repellent device in the network 220 C. For an effective insect and complete redemption, destruction of pest Traceoutput Typhoon 500 HP must be continuously plugged in not less than 3 - 4 weeks. For 20 - 30 days repellent device is fully expelled from the premises all crawling insect-like living in a house, apartment, garden summer house, office, cafe. The repelling cockroaches, bedbugs, red and black house ants, woodlice is the best quick manner and method of struggle against the insect-like.
Repeller against insect Tarakanov Taifun LS 500 published weakly perceptible by the human ear clicks of different frequencies. In the case of fixtures installed multi-colored led light bulb like a semaphore. Magnetic resonance ultrasound waves and complementary color illumination irritate the psyche of crawling insects. Best ultrasonic Tarakanov creates an unbearable conditions further stay in the room. Causes anxiety, panic, fear. Deterring apparatus causes to retreat Prusakov, ants lived outside the premises. Changing the frequency of the electronic repeller cockroaches Typhoon 500 HP exclude addictive pests to the action of the apparatus.
In the process, deter pests best consumer electronic repeller cockroaches Typhoon 500 HP will not cause any harm to the health of others. The apparatus Tarakanov completely safe for adults, children, cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, Guinea pigs and other Pets.
Detailed instructions for use, application, operation, scheme correct installation of the product in the premises included in the original configuration of the device and in our video instructions.
Specifications electronic household cockroach repeller device Typhoon LS 500 :
Food network 220 C. the Power of 4 Watts. The effective area of the scaring 80 sq m
It is advised in online store House and Garden to buy at factory price original ultrasonic electronic repeller cockroaches Typhoon 500 HP.
Will provide the buyer with extended warranty and free servicing of the product. Sold by us otpugivateli always excellent user reviews and excellent guaranteed positive final result effectively get rid of insects!
The product has quality certificates, the original security issued by a us manufacturer repellent devices Typhoon 500 HP enterprise MNPF ALEX the city of Zhigulevsk. Only the original device operating at least 8 years!
Shipping and order delivery of cockroach repeller Typhoon LS 500 in any locality by Mail, courier, transport company. Retail, small, medium and large wholesale. Wholesalers offer a good discount. Minimum retail order 1 piece.
Retail price 1,690 rubles apiece.
TEL: 89277260320, 89063753197, 89608033739