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Ultrasonic electronic rodent repeller, rats, and mice Electrocat

Offer type: salePublished: 21.07.2014
Seller:Internet Magazin Dom i Sad
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
Grey tailed pests rodents cause anxiety to people, animals, nature. Mouse gnawing on electrical wiring in residential and commercial premises. From peregruzhennyj electrical wires in the house, bath, apartment, barn fires often occur. Rodents pests spoil the furniture, the walls of the housing estate. Are carriers of many dangerous diseases. That's not a complete list of the top problems that bring others rodents. Watch our video about the dangers of rodents. 'll realize how serious a threat are gnawing pests to human health, Pets, property, residential and non-residential premises.
As most in the home to deal with rats, mice in the house, apartment, office, shop? What most effective folk remedy to apply from rodents and it is safe to destroy pests in the bath, barn, cottage garden house? Than yourself to destroy mice, rats in garages, sheds, shops, cellars, café, bar, restaurant, warehouses?
We offer you to buy at an affordable price in online store House and Garden is a unique domestic ULTRASONIC repellent device of the new generation Crispp. For excellent reviews of the ultrasonic electronic rodent repeller Electrocoat is the best folk remedy against mice, rats, and other biting pests. Ultrasonic mishap quickly, efficiently and securely for around adults, children, cats, dogs, other domestic animals fights and eliminates the house, apartment, office, manufacturing facility, Parking garage from rats and mice. Repellent ultrasonic device against pest Electrocat perfectly replace the rodents are dangerous to themselves, others chemicals, poisonous baits, traps, trap.
How to use and to deter, destroy rodents best ultrasonic electronic repeller Elektrokot?
Install domestic crispp Electrocat in places most often rats and mice house, apartment, cottage, garden house. Mishap ideal to get rid of pests in the office, shop, cellar, the attic, the hold of the ship, hotels, resorts. Turn on deterring device in the network 220 Century Device of ultrasonic signals and the led lights on the body of the product will be effectively expelled from any premises all kinds of rodents. Effective usable area of validity of the repeller Electrocat 200 square meters.
The ultrasound transducer household chrysoula creates a sound repellent signals complementing the effect is quiet distinctive clicks. The colored lights LEDs enhance the effect of the device. The combination of sound and light of the ultrasonic signals of the device adversely affects the psyche of gnawing. Continuous 10 - 15 day electronic repellent device against rodents Electrocat forced to leave mice, rats habitable dwelling forever.
Detailed instructions for use, application, schema correct installation of the products included in the original configuration of the repeller and shown in the video on the description page.
Online shop Home & Garden recommends that you choose and buy the us consumer electronic repeller against rats and mice, with the apparatus Electrocat .
The main advantages repellent devices for the control of rodents ultrasonic device Elektrokot over analogues:
Best consumer electronic means against rats and mice Electrocat completely safe and does not harm the health of adults, children, dogs, cats, birds and other Pets. Price repeller available to each customer. Many years of good user reviews proved excellent high efficiency products quickly to chase the mice out of any room. Ultrasonic electronic repeller rats, mice, rodents Electrocat equipped with a special button Night/Day to switch to a different ultrasonic ranges. This unique feature eliminates the addictive pests to the action of the device. Works at least 10 years.
Household USAG crispp Electrocat is a multiple prize-winner of various prestigious awards, awards of the Russian international exhibitions of consumer electronics.
Online shop Home and Garden is direct, the official representative of the rodent repeller Electrocat Smolensk plant universal ultrasonic electronic development NGOs BIOS. Suggest to buy at factory price from us brand quality crispp. Only the serial device is guaranteed to protect the buyer from the many fakes on the Internet at a low price, deceiving the buyer promotions, sales, discounts. We have provided the buyer with a long warranty on the purchased device proves the quality of the repeller.
Want to buy real ultrasonic electronic rodent repeller Electrocat with a guarantee? Welcome to online shop Home and Garden! Guaranteed protection against forgery, certificates of quality, original, security system, cheap price, good reviews. Long term smooth operation of the device!
Consumer electronic rodent repeller Elektrokot brilliant invention against household pests in residential and non-residential premises. The device is perfectly replace in the fight against rats, mice ordinary cat, all kinds of chemical poisons, poisons, a trap, a trap.
Call our experienced team will provide additional advice, instructions on the electronic rodent repeller of Electrocoat !
Delivery in any region of Russia by Mail, courier, transport company. Retail small, medium and large wholesale. When purchasing several of the devices will provide discounts.
The minimum purchase is 1 piece.
The retail price of the repeller 1790 rubles for 1 device. TEL: 89277260320, 89063753197, 89608033739