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Offer type: salePublished: 14.07.2014
Seller:Valentina Ivanovna
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Address:Ukraine, Sums'ka Oblast'
1)Photocell, FRA-2-0 ;
2) resolver BS-a;
3) control button KU 123-13;
4) tape Konstantinova and Nickel silver;
5) filter mesh 0,S-53;
6) current transformers measuring laboratory UTT-5M, UTT-6M2;
7) fire alarm PI-103-2;
8) hour meter CP;
9) packet switches, PV,PP,MVP;
10)wire PTPI-2x0,8;2x0,6;2x1,2 - 60 km ;
11)counter hours VSS-2-02;
12)Creamer SCM-3;
13)Laboratory Laon-2;
14)Installation type S-1P is designed for disinfection of water;
15)Site control valves of EPUU - 7.4;
16)Lamp CES-2500;
17)a Device that controls the speed UKS-1M;
18)Hours for fastening the measuring heads of types-I, II,MODEL 07101;
19)annunciator light SSW;
20)TERA-50 - telescope radiation pyrometers;
21)automatic detector of dangerous voltage WSKM-1m;
22)Install exemplary for verification IMP-01M;
23)capacitors KM 3,15 - 24;
24)the torque Sensor on the rotor DME;
25)Relay photoelectron RF 8300;
26)the Electromagnet MIS-E;
27)fire detector of PCIL-9;
28)Differential pressure gauge DT-50;
29)the Regulator RTPD-100;
30)out phase-sensitive protection device BMF-M3, the BMF-M4, the BMF-M5;
31)Ohmmeter S;
32)Dynamometer DPU General purpose;
33)Jacks DG-5, DW-10, DG-25.