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Installation of CCTV in the shop

Offer type: servicesPublished: 08.07.2014
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast', Moscow
For any store, be it a supermarket or a small pavilion with the goods, you must install a video surveillance system. Reasons for this are many, and safety above all else. Regular shortages, dishonest staff, stolen from the shelves by the threat of bandits - all this can be avoided or be found guilty by CCTV cameras, which we will gladly install.
Do not allow to apply the criminals to store losses, because you are not working for this. Why your money should go to someone in your pocket? We install your video surveillance system. The money spent on the installation will pay for itself very quickly. Peace is above all the best!
Choosing our company for installation of video surveillance systems in Moscow and the Moscow region under the key, we guarantee you the quality of work not only in words, but also on an official document. Masters explain in detail how the system functions. Rates relatively low.
We are very loyal to the customers and did not charge them extra money, so we have a lot of orders, half of which is the handling of regular customers. We're just doing our job. The equipment to be installed only from official distributors (Rvi, Beward, Dlink, Hikvision). Due to the special conditions with the official suppliers, our prices remain low, without cheating.
Rates on installation:
•analog cameras - 5 000 rubles;
•digital camera - 10 000 roubles;
•system of 6 analog cameras, 1 DVR - from 30 000 rubles
We will install in the store surveillance system, and you will be able to observe what is happening in real time, using the Internet or watch the recording, when it deems necessary.
Telephone office
+7 (495) 204-35-79
If you have technical questions.
Our office address: , Moscow, NEGLINNAYA str d 17 2
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