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Onions early and late varieties in bulk in Russia

Offer type: salePublished: 04.07.2014
Seller:Petrovich Yurij
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Address:Russian Federation, Volgogradskaya Oblast', Volgograd
We accept applications for wholesale purchase of onion varieties "Spanish Medallion" and "Manas". The collection in August and September, respectively, in 2014, the sale of a warehouse in Volgograd oblast Accepting applications: telephones 8 (995) 420-22-59, 8 (937) 693-40-59, by email through the website -
Accepting applications:
- by phone 8 (995) 420-22-59, 8 (937) 693-40-59,
- by email,
- through the website -
Implementation Luke will be carried out from a warehouse in the Volgograd region. We invite to cooperation of the wholesale harvesting companies and other stakeholders Russian cities.