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Table-scaffolding for Mason

Offer type: salePublished: 04.07.2014
Seller:Matyushin Nikolaj
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Table-scaffolding for Mason - designed for laying brick walls with floor construction. Simple and easy to use. Can withstand heavy loads of weight. Adjustable to one of two working height. Comfortable when moving.
The main advantages are:
Light weight
High speed of installation
The ability to change height
The possibility of transfer to a new place
High reliability at low metal
The cost table dimensions 5.4 x 2,05 m - 8800 UAH
Ongoing operational delivery across Ukraine.
We also manufacture
Scaffolding Trowel-1 at 1500 UAH
Scaffolding Trowel-2 for the price of 1850 UAH
Scaffolding Trowel-3 for the price of 2200 UAH
Podposite Mason at the price of 8800 UAH
More details are on our website "CCT-Ukraine"
Specifications platform for Mason
Height1-2 m
Sirina,05 m
Dline,4 m
Loading per 1 sq. M800 kgf
Weight stole kg
Carcass pieces
Nasty pieces
Pipe pieces Carolina
Horizontal pieces
Sleeve with shyboy pieces
8800 UAH