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Trowel mobile construction scaffolding, painting scaffolding, under the bridge construction, stage builders.

Offer type: salePublished: 04.07.2014
Seller:Matyushin Nikolaj
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Trowel or Building mobile podmosti is a variant of the tower structure with lightweight design. Mobile scaffolding Trowel used for the restoration and repair works small volume with limited access to the object itself. Due to its mobility construction under the bridge you can use indoors.
The company CCT-Ukraine manufactures and supplies construction scaffolding series Trowel.
Design and construction of scaffolds Trowel presented in the form of flat sections. Data platform used to perform the construction, interior, exterior, painting and other works. The elements of the construction of scaffolds made of closed profiles and metal pipes. Also mobile platforms Trowel is equipped with a shield-flooring. From the end of construction scaffolding is ascent to the flooring on the stairs (spars). Installation of construction scaffolding shall be permitted on a solid surface, the slope of which does not exceed 1.5° and when there is a system block the wheels.
Ongoing operational delivery across Ukraine.
We also manufacture
Scaffolding Trowel-1 at 1500 UAH
Scaffolding Trowel-2 for the price of 1850 UAH
Scaffolding Trowel-3 for the price of 2200 UAH
Podposite Mason at the price of 8800 UAH
More details are on our website "CCT-Ukraine"
Maximum load:
Trowel-1 - 100 kg
Trowel-2 - 150 kg
Trowel-3 - 200 kg
The size of working platform: 1525-505 mm
The height of the working platform:
Trowel-1 - 1080 mm
Trowel-2 - 1700 mm
Trowel-3 - 2600 mm
Length 1820 mm
Trowel-1 - 2000 mm
Trowel-2 - 2900 mm
Trowel-3 - 3800 mm
Width - 800 mm
The weight of the scaffolding:
Trowel-1 - 20 kg
Trowel-2 - 49 kg
Trowel-3 - 58 kg
1500 UAH