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Roller conveyor roller conveyor to buy in Kiev

Offer type: salePublished: 04.07.2014
Seller:Matyushin Nikolaj
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The designers of our company have extensive experience in the design of roller conveyors of different types under a variety of load types. Prices for roller conveyors are formed on the basis of the technical design features of the conveyor.
Our specialists have high technical skills for drafting roller conveyor of the required functionality and design.
In roller conveyor (the conveyor), in contrast to the belt conveyor load is driven by rollers which rotate on bearings fixed to the frame of the conveyor. The roller may have a bend that changes the direction of movement of the goods, as well as lateral branches for delivery or pickup of goods.
In order to avoid falling cargo, and roller conveyor are protective of the flanges of different heights.
Roller conveyors can be divided into several types:
Gravity roller conveyors
- The drive roller
- Roller mixed type
In gravity roller conveyors rollers rotate under the influence of gravity, which necessitates the elevation difference between the place of loading and place of delivery. The angle of elevation varies depending on the nature of the cargo.
In drive roller conveyors for movement of cargo using a motor-driven rollers that allows both horizontal transport and transport at a slight angle. The nature of the drive can be different depending on the design of the conveyor, as well as the type moved.
In the roller mixed type uses a combination of drive and gravity conveyor section.
Conveyor roller type designed under the order, taking into account all the client's needs. Because of this, You are sure that the pipeline meets all Your needs, essential in the manufacture, is reliable, durable and efficient. The quality of such conveyor - roller conveyor is at the highest level.
Ongoing operational delivery across Ukraine.
900 UAH