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Semi-automatic packer solids

Offer type: salePublished: 04.07.2014
Seller:Matyushin Nikolaj
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Semi-automatic packer bulk products intended for packaging cereals and other engineering products and materials (cereals, pasta, sugar, salt, tea, dried fruits, beans, etc. in packages, boxes and other containers.
Product supply to the drive is a vibrator. Tara is set by the operator manually or in automatic mode. Unloading is accomplished by opening a valve drive means of a lever or pedal.
Method of dosing weight. The dose is automatically generated after unloading the drive.
The execution of the dispenser - table. Design legkorabban.
The combination of simplicity and reliability of a design does not require special skills in maintenance and operation.
The dosing range: from 20 to 2000 grams
Capacity: from 10 to 20 doses/min
Batching error: + - 1%
Hopper capacity: 80 litres
Power Supply: 220 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption: 150 W
Dimensions: mm HH
Weight: 50 kg
Ongoing operational delivery across Ukraine.
8500 UAH