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Mill fine grinding

Offer type: salePublished: 04.07.2014
Seller:Matyushin Nikolaj
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For construction companies that produce dry mixes, polimerbeton, foam concrete, cement, plaster, lime and other building materials, use of equipment for grinding materials improves the quality of products while reducing its cost. In addition, for some types of modern building materials is impossible without the use of highly efficient equipment for grinding or fine grinding.
Mill fine grinding grinds materials (aggregates and binders) and leads to a substantial improvement in the quality of newly formed surfaces, the increase of specific surface area, the destruction of structurally unstable and loose particles. Method of activation (fine grinding) is well established in the practice of handling stale and low-grade cement to improve the useful properties and recovery. Without extensive use of equipment for grinding unthinkable modern production thermal efficiency of building materials, for example, aerated concrete autoclaved.
Mill fine grinding is available with capacity of 2 and 5 tons per hour
Energopotreblenie - 22 and 35 kW
Able to grind to a fraction of 50 microns
Price 45 000 UAH
Scope Mill fine grinding:
- production of construction materials (brick, aerated concrete, foamed concrete and others);
- grinding and activation of low-grade cement, the production of quality cement;
- production it is dry building mixtures and their components;
- production binder low water consumption;
- production of pigments, paints and varnishes;
- production of it products for the glass industry;
- production of it products for the food industry;
manufacture of grinding powders, uzkorulonnykh abrasive materials and more.
In our country the grinding equipment is not used in full. Whereas before domestic enterprises, primarily the construction industry, as ever, acute problems of technical re-equipment, expansion of the product range and increase production while improving the quality of products.
Of particular interest are the mill, providing fine grinding of cement (increase of the specific surface of cement) and the activation of inert components of the concrete mixture. Such installation can dramatically improve the basic physical and mechanical characteristics of the manufactured products and significantly reduce the consumption of cement production.
Prompt delivery across Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.
UAH 45000