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Disintegrator Centaur

Offer type: salePublished: 04.07.2014
Seller:Matyushin Nikolaj
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Disintegrator centaur refers to the type of grinding machine impact and is suitable for fine crushing, medium and coarse grinding of various materials with hardness up to 6 units on the Mohs scale.
Disintegrator centaur is a rotor speed mill "classic" layout with horizontal drive shafts. The cage rotors are driven by the individual electric motors, allowing high speed impact at a relatively low rotational speed of each of the rotors.
An important advantage of the double "disintegrator" scheme (before the single-disc mills-dismembrator) is a self-cleaning effect of the grinding bodies, which is especially important when wet grinding of materials prone to sticking.
The powders obtained by mechanical centaur, are characterized by high rheological activity, uniform grain structure, fragmentation particle shape.
Technical characteristics of the Disintegrator centaur
Performance: 3-5 cubic meters/h
Installed power:37 kW
Dimensions: mm HH
Weight: 1100 kg
Power supply: 380 V
The particle size fraction at the inlet: 12 mm
The location of the rotors: horizontally-aligned
The direction of rotation of the rotors: towards each other
Performance may vary depending on the physico-mechanical properties of the processed material.
Prompt delivery across Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.
UAH 45000