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Transformer heating the concrete

Offer type: salePublished: 04.07.2014
Seller:Matyushin Nikolaj
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Transformers heating the concrete type KTP with natural (dry) oil and cooling are designed for heating up the concrete and soil, when average daily air temperature below +5 °C. the Method of electric heating the concrete is energy converting electricity into heat energy directly into the mass of concrete. The concrete mixture may be warmed to 100°C for different periods of time through the use of stations for heating the concrete of varying thickness.
Transformers for heating the concrete and soil KTP produced for the rated voltage of the primary winding 380 C. the Secondary winding can be switched with the stars in the triangle, and Vice versa, by means of the switch. The voltage regulation is carried out by switching without excitation on the side of the 380 In the value of ±5% from the nominal value.
But the most economical and widely used method of heating the concrete mass is heated by the transformer to heat the concrete using a heating wire type PNSV 1,2. The principle of this method of heating is that to the reinforcement cage attached special wire with a certain length.
Transformer for heating the concrete KTP-ABOUT-20 price 15 000 UAH
Transformer for heating the concrete KTP-ABOUT-63 price 26 900 UAH
Transformer for heating the concrete CTBTO-80 price 32 300 UAH
Transformer for heating the concrete KTP-ABOUT-160 price 49 000 UAH
The wire to heat the concrete PNSV 1.2 price of 36 cents per meter
More details are on our website "CCT-Ukraine"
Prompt delivery across Ukraine.
UAH 13000