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The compressor-7B and the Compressor-243

Offer type: salePublished: 04.07.2014
Seller:Matyushin Nikolaj
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Reciprocating air compressors are the most common at the present time. The preferred option, when you need low productivity, is an air compressor piston compressing air. Because of the simplicity of the technical implementation of this technology compressed air has been used for about two centuries. And that is why piston air compressors were the main type of manufactured compressors in our country.
Specifications of compressors WITH-7B and-243:
Performance - 520 l/min
Compressed air pressure is 0.6 MPa
The volume of the receiver WITH a-7B - 22 litres
The volume of the receiver WITH a-243 - 50 litres
The power of the motor 4,0 kW
Voltage - 380 V
The speed of the motor 2880 rpm
Length - mm 1150/1200
Width - mm 580/620
Height - 1000/1000 mm
Weight-7B - 135 kg
Weight-243 - 172 kg
Prompt delivery across Ukraine.
7000 UAH