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The plate Selection-16 or WIBER UGMS-16

Offer type: salePublished: 04.07.2014
Seller:Matyushin Nikolaj
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Sell vibrating compactor-rambousek WIBER UGMS-16 which is used to mechanically stabilize the crushed stone and sand bedding, compaction of soils, in which component of the clay fraction does not exceed 10% and the dust fraction is 30%, while picking machine water supply system is used for installation and repair of asphalt pavement.
Technical characteristics
1. The frequency of vibration - 92 Hz.
2. The vibration intensity is 20 kN.
3. Travel speed up to 25m/min
4. The depth of the seal after three safebrowse - 0.5 m
5. Performance when three times vybavenie rated to 200m. kW/hour.
6. Performance when three times vybavenie maximum up to 270m. kW/hour.
7. Average fuel consumption is 2.2 liter/hour.
8. Fuel type - gasoline AI-95
9. The internal combustion engine HONDA GX-160, 4-tacky stationary, 5,5 HP
10. Weight - 110 kg
11. Warranty - 1 year.
Dimensions Compactors WIBER UGMS-16:
The length of the slab - 650 mm
The width of the slab - 600 mm
Height - 950 mm
Prompt delivery across Ukraine.
9000 UAH