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Tap in the box Craftsman

Offer type: salePublished: 04.07.2014
Seller:Matyushin Nikolaj
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Faucet the window is used for lifting and moving small volumes of cargoes through the door or window opening on the construction site during the construction or repair of industrial and residential buildings can also be applied in other areas of work in predlo their characteristics.
Tap in the box, comes with frame, mini hoist with a mobile carriage, a hopper for stacking balances, capacity for laying lifted materials, brace for fixing and installation of the crane.Faucet the window Khlebny advantage of a valve box is its design. Tap in the box, you can easily rosabeth, transported and assembled at any repaired the building site. Thanks to their reliability, portability and ease-of-use faucet the window has gained popularity in the construction sector.
One of the main elements of the crane in the window is a frame, which represents the front and rear of the rack. To the racks mounted beam with bolted connections and clamps. Truck crane is mounted on the beam of the crane, which allows the trolley to move freely along the beam.
The bogie itself is used to move the beam of the crane with the load from the hoist to the acceptance area. For fixing and installation of the crane in the box to the rear rack mounted brace. For the stability of the crane is in the box, rear rack loaded the hopper with balances. the balances can be any locally available materials such as stone, sand and others.
Tap in the box TO-2G/N 300 kg - 15 price of 300 USD
The faucet in the window-3Y/P 500 kg price: 18 700 UAH
Tap in the box TO 4G/t 1 ton - $ 23 300 UAH
The faucet in the window can be retrofitted building hardware such as drawer construction, the bucket for concrete bunker concrete mix, concrete mixer, concrete mixer, etc.,
Delivery across Ukraine.
9200 UAH