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Rotating installation for sand sifting series SP

Offer type: salePublished: 04.07.2014
Seller:Matyushin Nikolaj
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Rotating installation for sand sifting series SP is a professional rotary installation for sifting sand, a high - performance, reliable, wet sieved sand, capacity up to 15 cubic meters of sand per hour.
Professional installation for sand sifting SP and SP
1. Planter series SP are designed for manufacturers of concrete, which require the addition of sand to a certain faction. As practice shows, when the amount of sand more than 20 tonnes per day shakers become unacceptable for the task of sifting sand, as they may not provide the desired performance. This problem is solved by the replacement of vibrating screens for the installation of sand sifting series SP. These settings are available in two forms, with a capacity of 7 and 15 cubic meters of sand per hour.
2. Competitive advantages:
- due to the lack of vibration very low noise when working
- much better performance when wet sieving and wet sand
- convenient waste collection from sifting
- easy integration into automated lines
- VERY high reliability and durability of the drill due to the lack of vibration and robust design (see photo below)
- virtually no maintenance
- seeders are used qualitative Pskov gearboxes produced by the current from the Soviet era enterprise - Pskov plant mechanical drives. Italian gearboxes, usually produced in China is much worse and often fail.
In all the above advantages have convinced many companies producing concrete, aerated concrete, foam concrete.
The price of the planter shown in the price list
Delivery across Ukraine.
4800 UAH