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Cleaner for natural skin Glutoclean Pufas

Offer type: salePublished: 03.07.2014
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Means for cleaning and skin care and all surfaces of leather. Removes traces of use, clogging, stains and contaminants. Softens the skin. Refreshes the surface. Not only for furniture, and for any leather products.
For quality and gentle cleaning and care of leather.
For cleaning and care of the skin and over all surfaces of leather, for example, upholstered furniture in the office, at home or seats and upholstery in the car and other products from natural leather. Removes traces of usage, cleans greasy surface and removes a variety of contaminants.
Does not dry the skin. Refreshes the surface.
Suitable for all types of leather: smooth, perforated, structured, polished. Not to be used for cleaning suede. Nubuck can be cleaned, if it is factory treated with wax (surface weak absorption need).
Method of application:
Spray on slightly damp, soft cloth or sponge and a circular motion to wipe the surface to be cleaned. Behind the dirt to collect clean (slightly!) a damp cloth and then dry cloth to clean the surface.
Especially when complex contaminant cleanup process to repeat.