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Relay control voltage RN-40 super

Offer type: salePublished: 01.07.2014
Seller:viktor bachi Viktor
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Address:Ukraine, Zakarpattia Oblast, Uzhhorod
Automatic relay control voltage RN-40 super
Monitoring relays single-phase network from surges, spikes and brownouts as low as by disconnecting consumers from the power supply with automatic switching after the return of voltage in the range of acceptable values for the protection of electrical equipment.With increasing voltage above 260 In or line voltage drops below 180 In the relay control voltage for 0.1-0.4 sec produces off area network (load) from the mains supply. When you restore the voltage to its normal value, the relay control voltage for 3-4 minutes reconnects the load.
On the front panel of the relay control voltage are 4 light emitting diode signaling:
* normal operation;
* exceeding the upper or lower levels;
* the line delay. Rated current: up to 40A. R max 7,4 kW.
Design: DIN-rail
The price of 245 USD.