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The device tester machines -20

Offer type: продамPublished: 27.10.2017
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Address:Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

The device tester machines  -20M designed to test and control ampere-second characteristics of circuit breakers alternating current of industrial frequency in the range of 20A-20kA, measurement and recording of current and time passing through the circuit breaker, then AB. Can be used as a regulated source of alternating current to 20kA in power circuits low impedance.

For ensure the electrical safety of personnel, the output conductive circuit galvanically isolated from the mains supply.

Value the voltage on the output tires  -20, when fully open thyristor the key is not greater than 7V, which is beneficial to the contacts automatically switches in the cut-off is significantly reduced wear when multiple trials.


Technical characteristics of the  -20M


The supply voltage, V* -------------------------------------------------380 ±10%

The power supply frequency, Hz ----------------------------------------------- 50 ± 1%

The maximum current consumption of the power supply line, And ---------------------- 140

Maximum the voltage on the output tires, ------------------------- 7

Max. current per output tires (RMS), AC -20

The maximum power consumption of the  -20M, kVA ---------------- ----55

** The measurement range and output current, And,

when measurement error is less than 3%--------------------------------------20 - 20000

The range of measuring and recording the duration of the output DC, s,

when measurement error is less than 1.5% ---------------------------------- 0,01 - 1000

The threshold temperature protection, °With ----------------------96±10%

Overall dimensions, mm-------------------------------------------HH

Weight of the device without flexible tyre, kg, not more ------------------------------- 86

Average life of the instrument, years --------------------------------------------10


* Pets food  -20Mfrom voltage 220V, with maximum output current of 13kA.


 **Technical characteristics correspond to the given values in the device operation in complete with voltage regulator, single phase (RNO).

The operating conditions of the  -20M


Temperature range ambient air °With ------------------------ 0 - 35

Relative humidity at t=25°C, % -------------------------- £ 80

Atmospheric pressure, mm RT.article ----------------------------------------- 630 - 800




The control unit,   ------------------------------------------------------- 1pcs

The current amplifier, T-20 -------------------------------------------------------------- 1pcs

The tire is flexible, length 1.0 m, section - m ----------------------------- 8pcs

The tire is flexible, length 2.0 m, section - m ----------------------------- 6pcs

Power cable with power three-phase plug and portable socket - 1pc

The current sensor 2ka, 20kA /5A --------------------------------------------------------1pcs

Manual  ------------------------------------------1pcs

Passport  --------------------------------------------------------------1 PCs

RNO, Inom. = 10, 20, 40, 80, 120A included in the delivery set

under the additional agreement.



The warranty period is 1 year.
Number of deliveries: any.,,,


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