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Daily capsules, empty capsules of the type "acorn"

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:Donetskoe proizvodstvennoe ob`edinenie"Elektroappar
Seller:Luk'yanov Georgij Vasil'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Donets'ka Oblast', Donetsk

  Capsule type acorn, disposable Shoe covers in capsules

Shoe covers - covers or protective stockings, worn aloft on the shoes. Are mainly used for hygienic purposes, to maintain the purity the premises from the street dirt. Used in medical facilities, in rooms very clean productions, museums, etc. Come in different designs, materials and colors. Often disposable, but reusable (for example, reusable Shoe covers are made of thick soft fabrics are used in museums for save valuable parquet floors). Also reusable cloth Shoe covers used by medical personnel in the operating room, put on clean shoes.

In recently in institutions appeared vending machines for Shoe covers. What is noticeable simplifies the process of using disposable Shoe covers visitors.This is achieved the low maintenance of these machines and low consumption of energy for their work. For sale through vending machines used film disposable Shoe covers Packed in special capsules. This capsule is a small amount, oval form (which is called "acorn"), with one side closed cap.The lid snaps tightly on the body of the capsule and at work machine does not come off.

    Our company produces two types the products of this category:

Empty the capsules .

Capsules with attached Shoe covers them ready for use in vending machines.

Empty capsules can be used not only for packing Shoe covers, but for some other small items, such as toys.

     The cost of empty capsules and capsules with Shoe covers negotiable, can vary from the size of the order, the prices of raw materials , and other options discussed by the parties at the time of order placement. Form of any payment, pickup from the warehouse of the enterprise or via a courier service ( on Ukraine) with the appropriate payment options. For more information please contact the manufacturer or call on our phones.