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Crossflow cooling tower NC Fiberglass

Offer type: salePublished: 10.05.2017
Seller:Mihal'chuk Tat'yana
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Address:Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
The NC Fiberglass are the standard of thermal performance. Thermal characteristics of each model are tested and certified by the Institute of refrigeration technology.
Low operating costs:
Highly efficient sprinklers and fans Marley, gravity-flow water distribution, and efficient mechanical systems provide maximum cooling with minimum energy cost.
Air distribution:
Removable fan guard, welded heavy gauge rods. Hot dip galvanized after fabrication;
Streamlined supply diffuser for flow of air around the cylinder with a minimum of turbulence;
High-efficiency fans of the aluminum alloy. Adjustable pitch blades;
The blower motor is fully enclosed shell for use in cooling towers;
Water distribution system:
Gravity-flow water distribution system maintenance during operation. Standard pool cover.
Polypropylene Marley Spiral Target nozzles facilitate maintenance and reduce clogging.
Termoformowanie film PVC Marley MX, fixed to structural steel tubing. Built-in drift eliminators and louvers keep circulating the water to leave the fill, even at low air velocity.
The eliminators reduce the coefficient of droplet entrainment up to 0.005% of the nominal flow rate.
Reliable cast iron inlet and outlet flanges.
The inclined collection basin for easy cleaning.
Crossflow configuration provides a more convenient and safe maintenance during operation. Standard internal passages.
It is possible to manufacture the base of fiberglass or galvanized steel.
Assembly at the installation site facilitates the transportation of the tower on the site.
Large service doors provide easy and quick visual inspection of cold water basin, inner structure, drip pan and mechanical equipment of the passage.